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So you've got your WordPress website all setup and now it's time to start sharing all your awesome products with the world BUT you're just not sure where to start?

Well, whether you’ve got an insta-worthy stationery line or the best granola bars around, this is THE guide for you!

WordPress Tutorials

I know that you're super brilliant at what you do!

I know how time-consuming Googling all the answers can be. 

And I know how awesome it would be to get your products sold before the end of the day.

That's why I'm sharing all my knowledge & insider secrets in this Guide to getting online with Woocomerce.

You'll quickly learn how to:

• Setup WordPress
• Link Paypal to your shop
• Create Products
• And more...

WordPress Tutorials - Nicola Tweed


I’m Nicola an experienced WordPress Web designer and developer. Over the last five years I’ve worked with brands and businesses from all over the world make money online by selling their must have products.

Last year I decided it was time to share my knowledge so one Friday night I created The WordPress Workspace – a hub of free WordPress tutorials. My mission was to show business owners and bloggers just how easy it is to ‘Do it Yourself’ with WordPress.

As the site and community has grown I realised more and more people wanting to make money online yet they just didn’t know where to start and were finding it all a little overwhelming. And so this guide was born… A Guide to Selling Online with Woocommerce.

What's included in the guide?

The guide is packed with step by step tutorial guides to help you set up your very first online store.

Chapter One

An introduction to Woocommerce

Chapter Two

Setting up Woocommerce

Chapter Three

Setting up your payment & delivery options

Chapter Four

Creating your products

Chapter Five

Shop administration - the backend

Chapter Six

FAQs, top tips & resources

Get your stuff sold.


At a fraction of the cost of a Web designer, you could be selling your products to the world before the day is up.


So what are you waiting for? Get selling your stuff right now!