How to create shoppable Instagram images

Who doesn’t love a little online shopping spree? Personally, I don’t think I’d ever leave the house if I could buy EVERYTHING online! And now Instagram has made the online shopping landscape that much easier with their ‘Shoppable’ images. Shoppable Instagram images are designated with a little shopping bag icon which I’m sure you’ve seen…

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What to use instead of Linktree

Alternative to Linktree

A week or so ago, Linktree shocked the Instagram world when it stopped working. Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t, never the less it stopped working and now it’s something I don’t really trust nor think it a good idea to use! First let’s digress before we solve this issue… Linktree is a free tool…

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How to transfer your blog from to

Back when you were a rookie blogger, you may have started your blog on and that’s okay (honestly, it is) but perhaps, much like the blogging world you’ve evolved and you’re now serious about extending your influence and increasing your impact on the interwebs. You’ve heard everyone saying (aka the self-hosted one) is…

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My top Maintenance resources for WordPress

Top Maintenance resources for WordPress

Owning your own WordPress website or blog comes with a few responsibilities as sadly it’s not a once upload, sit back and relax kind of thing. Regular maintenance is a must if you want your website or blog to get you the results that you want and for it to be a success. And don’t…

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