Getting online is such an exciting step in your blog or business journey but choosing a domain name can sometimes be a little tricky. It requires a lot of planning, thought, research and consideration for the future of your blog or business.

Your domain name is where your prospective readers or clients will find you online, so you want to make sure it’s not only easy to type but also in line with the branding of your business.

Today we’re keeping it short and sweet and sharing some tips to help you choose the perfect domain for your next blogging or business venture.

choosing a domain name


  1. Keep it short

    Keeping it short and simple is the way to go! A longer and complex domain name might lead to it being misspelt or easily forgotten.

  2. Make it Memorable

    Following on from the above, making it something that is easy to remember ensures that people will keep coming back to your site.

  3. Use Keywords

    Keywords are words that relate to either your business or what you blog about. Let’s say, for example, you are a mommy blogger, you could register the domain or The use of Keywords in your branding can also increase your SEO.

  4. Ensure it’s on brand

    This point goes hand in hand with point two as your domain name is a branding opportunity and the right domain name can increase brand recognition!

  5. Don’t use any funny letters, numbers or hyphens in it

    Using funny letters, numbers or even hyphens can confuse your prospective clients or readers. Again go back to point one, keep it simple!

  6. Make it easy to type

    Again this is pretty similar to point 5 but you want it to be super easy to type so that people can find you easily. And make it easy to spell!

  7. Research before you buy!


    Do your research before you click purchase. Search for company names or blog names that are similar to the one you want to register, make sure that it’s not copyrighted or being used by someone else.

  8. Keep your target market in mind

    Your domain name could be your ‘first impression’, so remember that customer avatar you worked on before you started your business or blog? Well, nows the time to refer back to it and make sure that your chosen domain name is relatable and creates a positive and lasting impression on your target market.

  9. Use the Right Domain Name Extension

    .com .net or .org? .com is by far the most used domain extension on the web and of course the easiest to remember so I would highly recommend trying your best to get a .com address.

    However, if you have a business that is specific to an area, say in the UK you might want to use a domain extension or a one if you are in South Africa.

    Some domain name extension have specific uses, so make sure to choose one that works for your business.

  10. Get started already!

    Don’t let something so trivial as choosing the ‘perfect’ domain name stop you from getting started.

    Pick a name, register it and get started.

    You can always purchase a different one down line and link your current blog to it.

I think out of all of these tips, point 1, 7 and point 10 are the most important. By doing your research, keeping it short and getting started you’ll have a winning website or blog in no time at all!

If you have any questions about choosing a domain please feel free to contact me –

In the mean time, you might find some answers to your domain questions here.

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