Goals & Review – What happened in August & Whats to come in September

Can I tell how difficult it is to sit down and write a more personal blog post?

So so difficult!

I’m used to banging out tutorial how-tos, video guides and services to help you rock your WordPress website but THIS is something else – a totally new direction for both me and The WordPress Workspace.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve felt like something has been missing from The WordPress Workspace. What it is I’m yet to put my finger on but let’s just say in the coming months I’m going to be trying out a whole load of new tasks to find that thing that’s missing!

The first of which is a monthly wrap of what happened over here and where we’re headed for the coming month and months to come.

So let’s get started…



This month our blogging was on fire.

We blogged about SSL Certificates, widgets & widget areas, busted some SEO myths with Imka Webb and even had our very first giveaway!

In addition to that, we interviewed two more awesome theme developers, Lindsay Humes & Kathie from Bluchic both of which shared some amazing insight into how they got started and what they love about WordPress.

We answered more of your WordPress questions on Free Advice Friday, handed out some tips on choosing a domain name and even did a detailed comparison between  Shopify and Woocommerce.

And lastly, we touched on my favourite WordPress Slider plugin!


In August I worked tirelessly to bring you the new Jumpstart service. If you’ve had ‘website’ on your to-do list for the greater part of this year then this is definitely the service for you! Jumpstart is a 24 hour WordPress installation service with ALL the frills.

As this is all about honesty, I’ll say that the launch didn’t go as well as I’d hoped BUT I absolutely loved every single moment of it and it’s given me the confidence for future launches and shown me that I really can bring my ideas to life.


At the beginning of August, I sat down and kinda plotted out how I’d like August to roll.

I set some numbers for my social media assistant and I can proudly say that we smashed all but two goals.

Much to my absolute frustration, we didn’t reach our Instagram target. The daily inconsistency of said SM platform left me feeling rather deflated BUT luckily for me, I have a great assistant on my team that promptly reminded me that it’s not about the numbers and more about the engagement and the community.

Below are some of our numbers for August…

Goal: 200
Actual: 264

Goal: 600
Actual: 470

Goal: 300
Actual: 291

Goal: 1500
Actual: 1986



I have the idea for some themed weeks so we can REALLY get to grips with certain aspects of WordPress and your website. Think Opt-in week, website maintenance week, fashion bloggers week and much more.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram where we’ll let you know what the up and coming week is going to be.


One goal I’ve had on my list for like FOREVER is to create a membership site so the BIG goal for this month is to revamp the FREE Online in Minutes course and put it on the new membership platform then draft up a few ideas for what we’ll be offering.

Our second goal is to do a whole lot more video, my cousin Fifi Friendly is amazing at this so I’ll definitely be in touch with her for some Youtube tips! We’ll be doing reviews of WordPress updates and talking about how to get the best website possible, eeek expect to see a whole lot more of my pretty face 😉

And below are our number goals for this month…

Goal: 375

Goal: 525

Goal: 325

Goal: 2200

AND my last goal is to swim my own race, code my own site and beat to my own drum!

Drop me a comment below if there is something specific you’d like to see from me this month or if I could perhaps help you reach your WordPress goals this month!

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