Who doesn’t love a little online shopping spree?

Personally, I don’t think I’d ever leave the house if I could buy EVERYTHING online!

And now Instagram has made the online shopping landscape that much easier with their ‘Shoppable’ images.

Shoppable Instagram images are designated with a little shopping bag icon which I’m sure you’ve seen around, below is an example from The Ruby Orchard’s Instagram account. 



When users scroll through Instagram they can tap on these images to view the products for sale and then be directed to checkout and ultimately purchase the product.

It’s the ultimate in simple and easy online shopping!

So in this guide I am going to walk you through the exact steps you need to take in order to create shoppable images on your Instagram account.

To begin with let’s run through a list of the things you’ll need in order for it to work

  1. A Woocommerce website with products
  2. A business instagram account – here’s a guide if you’re not sure how to do set this up.
  3. A Facebook Page for you business
  4. A Facebook Pixel

How to create shoppable Instagram image – a step-by-step guide

The first thing we are going to do is integrate your Woocommerce shop with your Facebook account.

– Head on over to your Facebook Pixel > click on Set Up’ in the mid-top right hand section

– Then click on ‘Use an integration or tag manager’

– Click on ‘Woocommerce’

– Click on the green button and download the WordPress plugin – save it in a safe place on your desktop/documents folder etc

The next step is to install and setup the plugin on your WordPress website.

– So head on over to your WordPress site

– Head to ‘Plugins’ > ‘Add New’

– Then install and activate your plugin

– Once it has been installed you’ll head to the ‘complete the steps’ from your dashboard or head to ‘Woocommerce > settings > ‘Intergration’

– Click ‘Get started’

– And go through the steps

– Once completed your account will be synced with Facebook and your new products will show up on your Facebook Shop page – note it does take a bit for these to be pulled through.

The final step is to link your Facebook account with your Instagram account

– Head on over to your Instagram business account

– Click on ‘Settings’ > ‘Linked accounts’> ‘Facebook’ and login to your account

– Once this has been done Instagram will then communicate with Facebook and you’ll be able to tag your products, this process can take up to three days to activate and show up on your account.

Nows the fun part, tagging and selling your products on Instagram

– Click to post an image to your feed

– Click ‘Next’

– Click ‘Tag Products’

– Then search and click on the relevant product (you can tag more than one product here)

– Then click ‘Done’

– Add a caption and click ‘Post’

I hope this tutorial guide has been easy to follow and you’ve now got your shoppable Instagram images all setup.

Drop a comment in the below if you struggle with anything or need some help!

AND if you’re lusting after one of those Ruby Orchard scarves they’re on sale now!

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