An interview with Lindsey Riel of Pretty Darn Cute

My ‘interview with’ series wouldn’t be complete without Lindsey Riel from Pretty Darn Cute.

My first ever theme purchase was the Swank theme and I am still absolutely in love with the theme!

Lindsey started her WordPress journey a whole 12 years ago and has been creating beautiful feminine WordPress themes since 2011.

Let’s dive in and read more about her WordPress journey…

Lindsey Riel

What’s your favourite thing about WordPress?

When I first began designing websites, I was building them from the ground up using just CSS, HTML and a couple of PHP files.

WordPress simplified and expedited the development process exponentially. I was able to skip the monotonous tasks and jump right to the fun stuff.

How long have you been developing themes for?

I had to google to see if I could find an exact date, it’s been so long, and has gone by SO fast.

believe it was September 8th, 2011 that we launched Modern Blogger. My first ever pre-made theme!

Who are your themes for?

I aim to create each theme so the flexibility is efficient for just about anyone, but my focus is creative women, busy bloggers, and business owners.

What is your favourite theme that you have created?

I have to go with the original Modern Blogger theme.

was my first, and I just remember having a blast creating that. No trends to keep up with, no expectations, just fun.

Modern Blogger Pro WordPress Theme - Pretty Darn Cute

Give us a quick WordPress tip

WordPress has no limits, if you can dream it up, you can find a way to make it happen.

Get creative and have some fun!

Pretty Darn Cute offers Pretty simple WordPress themes for the busy work from home Mom or female entrepreneur.

Head on over to their site to have a look at what Lindsey has to offer, promise you’ll have a hard time choosing a theme because they are all just so beautiful!

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