Over the last five years I’ve spent hours and hours searching for the perfect WordPress themes not only for myself but also for my clients. Choosing the right theme is essential, waste time on the wrong one and it will take all the focus away from your blogging or business.

I’ve been through Themeforest, Creative Market, Etsy and even the free ones made by WordPress. And in the process of spending bucket loads of cash I’ve finally come to settle on these top four as my main go-to’s for beautiful WordPress themes.

I’ve had the pleasure of using the majority of the themes on all four of these websites. They’re not only absolutely gorgeous but are also built extremely well and allow for a good amount of customisation for you to add your own flair! Bingo!

  1. Restored 316
    I’ve always loved Restored 316’s themes, I think I’ve almost purchased them all. They’re easy to setup, come with FULL step-by-step guides on how to set them up and look beautiful! And recently I was lucky enough to interview the gorgeous Lauren from Restored 316. You can read all about her WordPress journey here.
  2. Station Seven
    I clearly remember the day me and my ‘work wife’ discovered these guys. We squealed with delight! Since that day I’ve gone on to use The Coastal, Kindred and Analogue themes for various clients.
  3. Pretty Darn Cute
    The Swank theme was my first ever theme purchase and it became the basis for everything! I love the simplicity of PDC’s themes. Their themes are perfect for female entrepreneurs who value every minute of their time.LOOKING FOR A NEW WORDPRESS THEME? HERE’S 4 OF MY TOP RESOURCES | Swank theme Pretty Darn Cute |  thewpworkspace.com
  4. Solopine
    All of the themes from Solopine are perfect for the blogger looking for clean and simple yet effective blogs.LOOKING FOR A NEW WORDPRESS THEME? HERE’S 4 OF MY TOP RESOURCES | Alder Theme Solopine | thewpworkspace.com

Whichever theme you choose to go with, you need to make sure YOU love it, it’s easy for your readers to use and that you’re proud to show off your website. Drop me an email if you have any questions regarding choosing a theme – hello@thewpworkspace.com

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