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LESSON 1 Host Providers - all the deets

We'll cover the nine points you need to take into consideration before making your choice. 

LESSON 2 Choosing a domain name

We'll cover some things I suggest keeping in mind when choosing a domain name and you'll get an awesome bonus to keep your passwords in order

LESSON 3 Installing WordPress

A step-by-step video tutorial lesson that will help you install WordPress via your cPanel.

LESSON 4 Post installation tasks

We'll cover some very important tasks I recommend carrying out after you've completed your WordPress installation.

LESSON 5 Plugin Recommendations

In this lesson, I'll share some of the essential plugins that I recommend you install on your site to keep it running smoothly.

LESSON 6 Choosing a WordPress theme

Resources, tips and more to help you chose the RIGHT theme for your blog or business. 

LESSON 7 Setting up your sidebar

Setting up Prime property! What to add & some widget recommendations.

LESSON 8 Backing Up + Security

Step-by-step tutorial guide to help you take a FULL backup of your site and keep the baddies out! 

LESSON 9 Correct Image Sizing

We'll wrap up with some image administration and leave you with some awesome free image resources to get your blogging journey started. 

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