Today I’m keeping it simple because you are in for an absolute treat on Thursday – I’ve created a tutorial guide on something I get asked ALL the time!

Anyway on to today’s tutorial…

Why schedule your blog posts in advance?

A couple of reasons.

Life happens!

Your time gets swallowed up by your kids ballet lessons or you finally decide you need a wifi break and go away for a little BUT you don’t want your readers to feel like you’ve forgotten about them or perhaps you’re just one of those super organised bloggers that has half their year and blog posts planned out before it’s even begun.

Secondly, you might have an audience that lives while you’re asleep and in order for them to interact with you, you need to ‘pretend’ you’re in the same time zone as them.

And lastly, consistency is everything in blogging so if you promise your reader’s posts at 8am every morning then this is a great way of making sure your posts are live and ready for your readers, no excuses.

So today, in this quick tutorial, I am going to show you how to schedule those posts!

How to schedule WordPress posts in advance
Watch the video below or read the tutorial guide below – it’s your choice 🙂

Once you have completed your blog posts, navigate on over to the top right-hand section called ‘PUBLISH’. In this section, you’ll see the Publish option is set to Immediately.


How to schedule WordPress posts in advance

You’ll want to click on the edit button and amend the date and time to your preference and then click Schedule.

How to schedule WordPress posts in advance

And that’s it, simple!

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