9TH - 13TH APRIL 2018

You're consistently updating your blog.
You're on every possible social media channel trying to get your ideal customers to view your site. You've even spent countless hours making your website as beautiful as the pieces you're trying to sell.

But they're still not finding you. Le Sigh πŸ™Β 

Then perhaps SEO might just be your answer...

From Monday the 9th until Friday the 13th we'll be going through a whole host of awesome SEO tips and tricks to help your website get found.



We'll start off by defining SEO and putting it all into simple terms so you can FINALLY understand it and make it work for your website!


We'll chat about SEO plugins, install and set up my go-to plugin aka the best one πŸ˜‰


I'll then walk you through the steps to implement SEO on your pages and blog posts so that you can actually be found!


On day 4 we'll chat about the Google Search Console, how to create an account and what to do next.


And on the final day we'll wrap up by covering some other very basic SEO principles you can implement to help your website get noticed by Google.


You're a click, email and click away from learning ALL you need to get Google to FINALLY not only notice your gorgeous website but also your fantastic business and ALL it has to offer this world!

Click the button below to get on the list and be part of the SEO Masterclass that starts on Monday the 9th of April 2018!


About the hostess

Frustrated late night Googling and love for everything online had Nicola creating The WordPress Workspace one rock and roll Friday evening!Β 

Nicola's love for the online world started at the very young age of 11. She remembers a time when she maxed out her parents dial-up internet connection setting off a fire in her heart for the crazy inter-webs!Β 

Nicola loves SEO and has done the countless hours of research and learning so you don't have too.

  • Sneak peek at how our new branding is going!!!! Eeeeeekkkkk I cannot wait πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚πŸ₯‚
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Guys, this masterclass is set to be a goodie! In addition to learning about the Yoast SEO plugin and Google Search console you'll also learn about H Tags, improving the speed of your site, SSL Certificates and using alternative tags. All the things that will help you improve your SEO. β €
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Registration closes at lunch time today so be sure to drop your name of the list to be part of this awesome masterclass. β €
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  • πŸ’₯New month, new FREE things to learn! πŸ’₯β €
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That's right, it's MASTERCLASS πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ time again and this time we'll be covering ALL things SEO πŸ’»β €
β €
From the 9th of April until Friday the 13th of April you'll learn the following:β €
- What the heck SEO really is?!β €
- The best plugin for the job and how to install + set it upβ €
- How to implement SEO on your pages & postsβ €
- We'll chat about Google search Console, how to create an account and what to do nextβ €
- AND heaps more to make sure your beautiful website is found by Google and your ideal clients!β €
β €
You've got from today until Friday the 6th to sign up for this class so be quick.β €
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Remember this MASTERCLASS is free for anyone that signs up 😁 BUT if you don't sign up you won't get the content.β €
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  • Step 1 - Gather ALL the images possible for the REBRAND!!!!! β €
β €
Step 2 - Get super excited you just can't sleep πŸ™ˆ
  • Let's have some fun and play a little game. β €
β €
Wouldn't it be cool if...β €
β €
There were fairies that came in the night, organised your sh** and made lists for what needs to be done! β €
β €
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