DAY 3 - How to Implement SEO on your posts & pages

Your objectives for today's lesson:

  • Learn about Keywords and Phrases
  • Learn how to implement your keywords on posts & pages

Before we dive into this video tutorial guide, I wanted to touch on Keywords and Phrases.

Keywords and Phrases are search terms and words that your ideal clients will be using to find your website. These Keywords and phrases will also be what Google uses to rank your website.

Keywords can be head, mid-tail or long-tail.

Head - More general making them more competitive.

Mid-tail - More specific making them less competitive.

Long-tail - Even more specific than mid-tail making them even less competitive.

One thing I want to make clear is that by knowing your ideal client's thoughts, fears, and desires, it will really help you select the correct Keywords and Phrases for your SEO Strategy.

Now let's move onto the below tutorial video which will walk you through the steps of implementing your Keywords on your posts and pages.

A video tutorial on implementing your keywords