I don’t think there’s ever been one website I’ve had to design and develop that hasn’t had a contact form on it.

If you’re putting yourself out there, people will want to get in contact with you for some reason or another.

So why not make it easy for them to do so!

How to create a simple contact form in WordPress

A contact form is set of questions that your reader or client is able to fill out online and that is automatically sent to your inbox once they click either the Submit or Send button. It saves your readers copying your email address, opening up their emails and sending you an email ‘the old fashioned way’.

Contact forms can be tailored to suit your business and can include radio buttons, drop downs, attachments and more – really I don’t think there’s much you cannot create within your contact form.

If you want it, it’s possible!

Now when it comes to adding contact forms to WordPress you have several options depending on a. your requirements, b. your skills and c. your budget. And I don’t think there’s any right or wrong answer as to which plugin you decide to use. If you are comfortable with it and it gets the job done then use what you want to use.

Personally, I love all of the below contact form plugins that I am about to recommend, but why of course, that’s why I’m recommending them to you!

The 3 top FREE(ish) contact form plugins I recommend…

    Contact Form 7 is my trusty old faithful.

    Until I started doing some extra research for this post I used to think it was the best out there but I soon realised that out of all the plugins recommended here, this is the one you need the most ‘skill’ for as unlike the two below it doesn’t have a beautiful user-friendly drag and drop interface.

    But trickiness aside this is the contact form that will allow you do just about EVERYTHING and is completely FREE and that’s why I’m not completely writing it off just yet!

    Like I mentioned above the best thing (in my opinion) about this contact form plugin and the one below is the beautiful user-friendly drag and drop interface. Oh yes and that all your submissions can be viewed on your website at no extra cost.Ninja Forms allows you to add in anything from the common fields like your name and email address to misc items like star ratings, uhm how cool is that! And if you upgrade you can make even more magic happen like create forms with IFTTT statements or accept payment with Paypal.

    They’ve got some pretty awesome add-ons which are certainly worth taking a look at!

    Another plugin with a beautiful user-friendly drag and drop interface. What I loved about this was how simple it was to setup your form and even better that you could redirect your clients or readers once they’d clicked submit. So instead of the usual ‘Thanks for your submission, I’ll be in touch’ you could redirect them to a thank you page with more information on your services or your blog posts or whatever your heart desires!

When I started this post I was only going to show you a tutorial guide on how to use my trusty Contact Form 7 plugin, a plugin I’ve been using for oh I don’t know maybe about 5 years!

BUT after doing my research, I realised that the other two plugins deserved just about as much credit and glory as Contact Form 7 so below are tutorial guides on all three, you can make your mind up which you prefer and can thank me later 😉

A guide to creating a contact form with the Contact Form 7 Plugin

A guide to creating a contact form with the Ninja Forms Plugin

A guide to creating a contact form with the WP Forms Plugin

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