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A week or so ago, Linktree shocked the Instagram world when it stopped working.

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t, never the less it stopped working and now it’s something I don’t really trust nor think it a good idea to use!

First let’s digress before we solve this issue…

Alternative to Linktree

Linktree is a free tool that helps you optimise your Instagram page by allowing you to house more than one link in your IG bio. It’s a simple and genius business idea but one that now unfortunately isn’t very trust worthy!

So what to do?

Create an Instagram landing page on your website! 

This is honestly, the simplest, easiest and free way around Linktree…

The html coding you’ll need…

<div class=”button”>Button 1</div>
<div class=”button”>Button 2</div>

The CSS coding you need


Linktree alternative

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