Maintaining your website is a bit like keeping your iPhone up to date. Every now and then you’ll get notifications with requests for either the theme, plugins and even WordPress to be updated.

And much like your iPhone, you’ll want to keep on top of it so that you don’t run into any technical or security problems.

Neglecting your website updates opens the door to security attacks and the likely hood of you experiencing some form of hacking.

It’s an important part of your website or blog for which I highly recommend you set aside a couple of minutes a month to do your updates.

WordPress Website updates

Why you should keep your WordPress website up to date

New features

The good guys at WordPress continue to keep their software up to date by adding new features and making enhancements to make it more robust, versatile and feature-rich for you. In addition to that, some plugin developers are always adding new features to their plugins and the only way you’re going to experience those new features is by keeping them up to date.

Here’s an exciting (but controversial) WordPress feature that is in the making.

Security Reasons

If you’re running an old version of WordPress or any of your plugins or themes are outdated then you may run the risk of being hacked. Hacking could mean they steal your customer’s details, destroy your database or even worse leave you with the white screen of death!

Good news is, the (again good guys) at WordPress are vigilant about keeping their software secure and their millions of users protected so they’re pretty hot on fixing any security breaches that they are aware of.

Bug fixes

Technology can get the best of us, even plugin developers miss a thing or two and so from time to time you might realise that a plugin conflicts with something else on your site or doesn’t seem to be working properly. A good plugin developer continually seeks to improve their plugin and so usually, when a problem arises they’ll fix it and throw out a new update.

If you’re having problems with a plugin, the first thing I suggest doing is checking to see if there is an update as this just might the problem. If not then perhaps head on over to the plugin page and drop the developer a message so that they are aware of the issue.

I hope that this blog post was helpful for those of you wondering why updates are such an important part in keeping your website in tip-top shape! As I mentioned before it’s always good practice to set aside a couple of minutes every month to make sure all your plugins, your theme and your WordPress version is up to date.

I’ll be popping in tomorrow with a FULL step-by-step tutorial guide on how to take a backup of your site. One thing that is very important to do before you even begin updating your website.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to drop them in the comments below.


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